About Us
I have been an avid gardener since childhood.  
My family traveled the world and lived in many different countries which exposed me to all types of gardening.  From natural forest settings to immaculately tended gardens.  

My love of flowers compelled me to a career in commercial horticulture.  I worked at that for many years before acquiring a nursery of my own.

Illness and bad luck caused me to take a different tack for a while 
but I am happily back doing what I love most, growing beautiful flowers. 

When I'm not busy writing my how-to books I operate a small daylily nursery, Big Island Daylily Co.  
We are one of the few daylily growers on the island.

My son, Jurahame, has been growing orchids since he was six.
He has a deep love for orchids.  He reads voraciously about orchids and his young mind has been able to retain all that information.  Marvelous!  He is a walking encyclopedia of orchids.

Gardening is our passion!

Our goal is to help people become better, more successful gardeners.  

This web site is a work in progress and constantly changing.

You can contact us at:

We are located at:
P.O. Box 1356
Kurtistown, HI 96760