A Book by Rachel & Jurahame Leyva
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It was a real challenge writing this book.  How could we make it different?  There are literally thousands of books about orchids already out there.  Why in the world would we want to add another to the mix.  Well, because...  

You see, people ask us how to grow orchids all the time.  Why would they do that if there are thousands of books available already?  Because they don't understand what the books are telling them.  They're too complicated or confusing.   Some questions asked are like this: Why do I need to spend money on a greenhouse when I live in Hawaii?  Why do I need fourteen different kinds of potting media?  When should I fertilize?  What should I do when it's finished blooming? 

That's why our book is different.  Yes, yes I've already told you it's concise.  What does that mean exactly?  How will it help me, you ask?  Okay, let me tell you.  Anyone can grow orchids.  But not everyone can grow them well.  I'm talking about orchids for the home gardener not commercial growers.  Their growing conditions are carefully controlled and their goals are totally different.  They are trying to grow an orchid plant from (most likely) tissue cultured plant-let to a salable 4" blooming potted plant.  The End.  It takes years.  They don't really care if you kill it or not, you'll buy another.  

You are on the other end of that spectrum is you.  Having bought or received an orchid as a gift you are now charged with making it grow and THRIVE.  NOT Just SURVIVE.  So we have started at the beginning.   Where are they from and how do they grow in nature.  With orchids, knowing about their original habitat and where in that habitat they grow is vitally important to your success.  Our book profiles eight different and popular orchid varieties and gives that information to you in a nut shell.

  •   How much light?
  •   What kind of media?
  •   How much water?
  •   How much fertilizer?
  •   Can I grow them where I live?

You can use the book as a reference guide when you get a new orchid or want to move one to different location.  Does it need more light?  Or, more sunshine? ~ Not necessarily the same thing.  Can I grow it on a tree?  Or, would it do better in the ground?  

As with our other books we describe how we are growing. We aren't saying that our way is the best way, just another way.  You have to know your own weather and circumstances and choose which is best for you.  Perhaps we offer some ideas that you hadn't considered.  Do you think that mounting an orchid was too difficult?  Are you afraid to up-pot an orchid because you don't want to break it? Our little guide will show you step-by-step, with photos, how to do both of these things.   It's really quite easy and easier still when you can compare what you're doing with our photos.

This orchid book includes a list of some of the best growers in Hawaii.  Information about Hawaii and international societies and a nice list of books for more in depth reading.  Start simple and work your way up.  Once the fever sets in and you feel confident about your growing techniques you can graduate to more sophisticated information.  

When you have a lovely Sharry Baby Oncidium in your hands and want to know what to do with it now that it's finished blooming you don't want to have to read 50 pages of text about 'orchids through the ages' before it tells you how to up-pot the darn thing!  Buy our book and find out how easy it can be to grow orchids..

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