Josie's Nursery 
Josie has a wide selection of ornamental plants and vegetable starts to choose from.  Fabulous prices and all beautifully grown.  You can contact her at (808) 989-6278.
Hawaii's Farmers Markets

Makuu Farmers Market is a sprawling and ever growing market with an eclectic group of vendors.  It's located just off the Keaau-Pahoa Highway (Hwy 130) past Ainaloa.  There is plenty of good parking and a clean and well stocked restroom.  

Incense wafts through the air as you stroll up and down the aisles.  Locally grown fresh produce, baked goods, hand made crafts, collectables, books, original art work & jewelery and lots and lots of plant vendors.  If you love to garden then this is the place for you.  Great prices and a large variety of well grown plants to choose from. 

After you're done plant shopping you can stop by any of the many food vendors who serve an amazing variety of ethnic foods like French crepes, Thai & Mexican favorites or local cuisine.  Tables and chairs are provided so that you can dine and kick back and listen to the live music that plays all day long.  Something for everyone.  Bring the whole family. 

EBT accepted at this Market.

Farmers Market

open Sundays 8am-2pm
Richardthe statue man
is there just about every Sunday and sells only at the Maku'u Farmer's Market.  He has wonderful concrete statuary that makes for fabulous garden art.  The detail is superb and the prices can't be beat!
Cory sells bromeliads of all colors and sizes.  
He also sell Southern High Bush Blueberry and black fig plants.  He offers discounts on large quantity 
orders and is happy to bargain.  
More farmers market visits on the way.  
Do you have a question or need more info?  send me an email.....

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Josie taking a break behing her market table
Josie's strong & healthy vegie starts
Josie's really nice selection of flowering plants and ground covers
Josie's awesome brunfelsia - yesterday, today and tomorrow
Rudy's Takal Flowers 
Rudy has a very nice selection of well grown anthurium plants in one gal and larger pots.  All are mature, blooming plants and many have multiple plants per pot.  Perfect for your anthurium insta-garden.  
You can reach Rudy at (808) 968-6534 for more information. 
Rudy's pastel & obake anthuriums
Rudy's tabel of assorted midori, red and tulip anthuriums, very nice.
Mark Hanson, the sandalwoodman 
Mark has an unusual assortment of plants from freshly harvested 
hapu'u tree ferns to strange and pecular cacti to beautiful, low growing ground covers.  Mark also grows and sells sandalwood seedlings.  He is just back from an international sandalwood symposium held on Oahu recently and has been hired by the State of Hawaii to survey the native sandalwood population which is devastatingly low.  He hopes the native sandalwood can be restored but also is looking to commercial interests to grow it for it's very favorful nuts and aromatic wood.  If you are interested in growing sandalwood please contact him at (808) 769-0683.
Mark's booth at the market
Marks ground covers
Richard's booth at the market
Richard's fabulous Elephant
elephant goddess
laughing budha
Cory's bromeliad table
Cory's bromeliad selection
Cory's blueberries
Arman Wiggins of Poki Fruits
Arman has a very exciting booth filled to the gills with mature fruit and landscape trees.  As you can see from the photos above all their plants are ready for the ground and waiting for you to take them home.  Stop by next weekend and check out what's new.  They are located 
on the highway side of the market farthest from the entry.  Or, if you can't make it to the market check out his web site at or give them a call at (808) 937-8397 
Poki Fruits booth at the market
Poki Fruits breadfruit plants
Poki Fruits podocarpus
Poki Fruits citrus trees
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The Plant Collection
Suzette grows and sells vireya rhododendrons at the Maku'u Farmers Market nearly every Sunday.  
She brings a very nice selection of flower sizes and colors to choose from.  Suzette is also selling our book, Vireya Rhododendron, so be sure to pick up a copy to go with your new plant.  
For more info you can reach Suzette at (808)968-7144.

Suzette in her booth
nicely grown, mature plants
Suzette laughing with a customer
Suzette's unusual climbing hala
Hi-Point Productions
Phil grows a nice selection of mixed landscape plants including vireya, ginger, scented geraniums, miniature roses and cypress.  He also puts together some very fetching succulent bowls as pictured below.  Today he had a nice assortment of native plants, too, including maile, mamaki and awa.  Phil's tent booth is generally located on the highway side of the market with other plant vendors.  
You can reach Phil at 808-333-8281 if you have any questions.
Maku'u FM foodcourt
Maku'u FM Pahoa Side
Inside Maku'u FM
Island Harvest Organics
IHO grows all their own produce organically on their farm in Pohiki.  A delicious assortment of tomatoes, citrus, greens and exotic tropical fruit.  You can also purchase Stevia plants and use the leaves to sweeten your meals.  They are located on the center aisle all the way on the outside edge, Hilo side.
IHO sign
Island Harvest Organics sign
Abiu & Zucchini
collards & kale
eggs from happy chickens!
roma tomatoes & eggplant
stevia plants for sale
heirloom tomatoes
Featured Vendor
Supernova Sprouts
Today Supernova Sprouts provided a healthful selection of fresh mung bean, lentil, sunflower and sweetpea sprounts.  Trays of wheat grass were available too.  All can be eaten fresh in salads or juiced.
Supernova Sprouts sign
Supernova Sprouts booth
Supernova Sprouts Lentils
Supernova Sprouts mung beans
Supernova Sprouts sunflower sprouts
Supernova Sprouts wheat grass & sweet peas
Supernova Sprouts instructions
Sea Sister's Trading 
Sea Sister's Trading offers a really very nice selection of the comfiest hammocks I've seen in a long time.  I've always tended to be somewhat aprehensive about hammocks because they can sometimes be difficult to get into and out of gracefully.  But, the hammocks I saw demonstrated were easy to handle and were oh so inviting!  Yes, I could picture myself kicking back and relaxing after an afternoon of lawn mowing in one of these hammocks.  The great tropical colors reminds us that we live in Hawaii.
Visit their web site at 
Sea Sister's Trading booth
Sea Sister's Trading chair hammock
Sea Sister's Trading Queen Size hammock
Emi's Flowers
Emelyn, Emi's daughter, mans the booth at Maku'u Farmers Market.  Here she can whip you up a custom tropical flower bouquet in just minutes.  Bouquets are $10.00 and up.  How can you possibly go wrong.  Shop for fresh fruits and vegies, plants for the garden and a stunning bouquet for the dinner table.  Most Sundays you can find her at stall E3.  For special orders or question call (808) 965-7785.
emelyn bouquet -1
Emi's booth
Emi's tropic fleur heliconia
Emelyn's bouquet -2
Emi's assorted heliconia
Emelyn's bouquet - 3
Emi's wax ginger & green ice
Tamala has a very nice assortment of plants for all areas of the garden, full sun or shady. She also makes and sells wicked laulaus in case you get hungry working in the yard.
Kipani's Kreations
Kipani  puts together very attractive macrame plant and ornament hangers.  She will make you a custom hanger if you'd like to combine designs she has on display.  She also does beautiful custom glass etchings.  Truly unique.  If you have questions you may contact her at (808) 895-3720
Tamala's booth at the market
Tamala's laulaus and beautiful mature garden plants
Tamala carries some unusual plants like this strictocardia Beraviensis "Hawaii" vine.  Beautiful.
Tamala's bright joyweed
Tamala's varigated flax, very nice.