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Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean you learn to appreciate the views.  No matter if they're the slopes of the world's most active volcano, Kilauea on Mauna Loa or the dormant Mauna Kea, the views are amazing.    Lucky to live in Hawaii!  Enjoy!
A beautiful winter day in Hilo
Coconut Island from shore
Crossing the bridge to coconut island
Looking back at Hilo town from Coconut Island
The beautiful Liliiokalani Gardens
Market Day in Hilo
Boats moored in Radio Bay
Gorgeous haku leis
Raining on the mountain
Bring home some snow from Mauna Kea
Winter storms bring plenty of snow
Sunset over Mauna Kea in Hilo
Views around Hilo town
Papaya field
The road to Kapoho
The Hot Pond in Kapoho
Kahena Beach, Kalapana
What's left of Kalapana town, all lava now
Morning sunrise in the forest
Don't pass up a visit to Green Lake
Lakeside in Green Lake
The awesome view from Green Mountain
The Lovely Star of the Sea Church saved from the lava
A good surfing spot near Kapoho
Vanda orchid fields
Views around Puna
Wailoa River, Hilo.
Driving to Waimea & Kona
Fog rolling into Waimea
Halemaumau Crater at the start of an eruption
Beautiful yellow lehua
The view toward Kapapala Ranch in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
The big bay at South Point
The fishing ladders at South Point
Mauna Kea from the Saddle Road
Mauna Loa from the Saddle Road
Kona Sunset
Road to Waimea with Maui on the horizon
Coming down off the Saddle Road toward Waimea town
The Volcano and past to South Point
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