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Hawaii Gardener is at Kickstarter

by Rachel Leyva on 01/27/13

Aloha Gardeners!

I recently submitted a project to Kickstarter.com - Making Compost & Compost Tea.  This is an effort to secure funding to write, print, distribute and advertise my book(s). 

Thus far I've written in starts and fits and whenever time and monies allowed but decided I needed help to get the next book in my series completed in a more timely manner.

I hope that you will check out my project at Kickstarter and think it worthwhile to back.  Pledging is easy and starts at $1.00 going up to $70.00.  A pledge of $25.00 or more will get you into the book's 'Mahalo' page and your choice of any of my books.   Any amount will be helpful and go toward fulfilling my goal amount.  If I don't reach my goal I don't get one penny.  It's all or nothing!

Get the whole scoop and become a backer so I can continue bringing books, information and pictures about gardening to the world.

Rachel Leyva
the Hawaii Gardener


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