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Vireya Rhododendron - A Picture Guide
Describes how I grow vireya in my garden on the Big Island of Hawaii.  You might not live in Hawaii.  Or, even if you do, you might not have the same conditions.  But by telling you and showing you how I grow them you will get some idea of what is needed for them grow beautifully for you.

It's a short book with lots of color photos.  All the vireya pictured were taken by me and are grown in my garden or at my friend's nursery.  There is absolutely no photo-shopping of any kind.  

The content is brief and to the point.  As I said, the book is written to show how I grow vireya.  Since I live in a jungle it's likely that you might need to affect some changes to your own garden to be successful.  Don't let that startle you.  I have seen vireya growing under all kinds of, shall we say "less than favorable conditions".  Some surviving total neglect in 4 inch pots for years and years.  Of course, survive is the key word here.  They can survive a lot.  But you want them to thrive and bloom their little heads off and make you happy.  Not survive....

Read my book and see totally happy, free range and well adjusted vireya blooming like crazy!

Not only do you get to see how I grow them but I include a plant source guide and information on clubs you can join.  If that weren't enough I have included some recommended reading for considerably more in depth information.  If you're one of those types that has to totally vet a plant before it sets foot in your garden then you might check out those books, too.  Otherwise, get the basics from me.  My techniques don't require you to spend any money.  I'll show you how to use your own garden as a greenhouse.   This book is designed for gardeners, not commercial growers.  You want to learn how to grow your plants into gorgeous, blooming garden plants.  You are not going to torture your plants in 4" pots.  You're going to plant them out into your garden and when they bloom you'll stop traffic.  

Above you can see some of the interior pages of my book.  Obviously, I'm not going to give the whole show away but you'll be able to see if this book is for you or not.  I hope you do chose to buy one because I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised and glad you did.  Some people have told me that they like reading my books because it's like I'm telling a friend how to grow them.  Which of course is what I'm doing.  I'm talking to you, the reader, not a book editor.  

You might fancy my other two books -  Growing Daylilies and Growing Orchids, too.  

Rachel Leyva

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