Hawaii's Farmers Markets

More farmers market visits on the way.  
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Pomaikai Plant Co. 
  Kari owns Pomaikai Plant Co. and comes to the Waimea Hawaiian Homestead Farmers Market every Saturday.  She carries a great selection of herb and bedding plants.  If you like to cook with home grown herbs then you really ought buy yours from Kari.  No sprays, all natural!  
All beautifully grown and good prices.  If you have questions give Kari a call at (808) 640-1778.
Kari's wonderful herb plants
Kari's impatiens and salvia
Kari's yellow marigolds, bright red begonias with lavender and celosia in the back ground
Kari's tomatoe and lettuce starts with a lovely pot of fuschia

Waimea Homestead Farmers Market is located at Waimea Elementary & Middle School Playground, behind the the post office and across from Kahilu Theatre. Open every Saturday from 7 am to noon.
Check out their web site at waimeafarmersmarket.com 
or see visit their facebook page.
Confession! I haven't been to this market for some time and need to update the vendors.
Farmers Market

open Saturdays 7a.m. - 12 noon
Market Day In Waimea
Strolling inside the market
Lots of color, lots to see
Kamuela Greenhouse 
Bob offers a wonderful selection of orchids all grown in his greenhouse in Waimea.  It's good to know 
they are acclimated.  I hope to add many more photos to his display.
Bob's cattleya display
One of Bob's gorgeous cattleyas
Bob's cattleya on sale
Oncidium intergenerics on sale
has a marvelous selection and variety of plants all artfully displayed for your maximum enjoyment.  He has one of the largest collections of heliconia on the island and over 300 varieties of ti.  He comes to the Waimea market every Saturday.  Matthias also has our books available at his booth.
Matthias's booth
A man of many talents - you can enjoy his wonderful floral arrangement, too!
Fabuluous cool weather cymbidiums
Matthias's bright draceana
Spectacular phaleonopsis
Matthias's brilliant heliconia
Honopua Farms 
offering truly beautiful organic produce.  
Honopua avocados, enormous!
Beets, radishes, turnip and ?  Marvelous colors!
Where else can you get macnuts, zucchini, rhubarb and avocados?
Salad, anyone?