Visit My Friend Fia
My friend Fia enjoys gardening and baking.  She brings her extra produce to the market along with her very yummy biscotti, jams and peanut butter cookies.  Fia had a nice crop of parsnips the Sunday I stopped by recently.  An enthusiastic customer came along and bought them all.  The customer said she liked to slice the parsnips into thin rounds and fry them as you would for a potato and the like.  Very tasty she said.  Fia also had a some rosemary and native plant starts. 
Hawaii's Farmers Markets

More farmers market visits on the way.  
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Located a short distance down Wright Rd. off Volcano Highway (Hwy. 11) this market is for all the early birds out there.  It starts promptly at 6a.m and is totally wrapped up by 10a.m.  Volcano can get a bit chilly too so remember to take along a jacket.  The market is held at both ends of the Cooper Center Complex.  The mauka end (mountain end) consists of a certified kitchen, library, general purpose room and covered lanai.  The other end of the complex is the skate board covered court area.  There is ample parking inbetween the two areas as seen in the photos below.  

If you have a taste for Ohelo Berry Jam then you've come to the right spot.  Biscotti to go with your Kona Coffee?  How about vegitarian samosas or curry for lunch?  Pick up some hydroponic lettuce, a few fresh vegies and fruits and head home to enjoy the rest of the day.  Want to add some native plants to your landscape?  No, problem.  This and all the rest can be found in this EARLY market. 

EBT accepted at this market.
Cooper Center
 Farmers Market
open Sunday 6a.m. - 10a.m. 
Strong Roots Organic Farm​
DThese folks grow most of their produce in Pepeekeo and bring them to the Cooper Center Farmers Market.  They had a very nice selection of salad greens along with shiny purple eggplant, fat hands of bananas and fresh coconut.  I was a little late to see most of their vegitables as they had sold out earlier.  
I told you it was an early market!  
Big Island
​Kim had a really beautiful selection of native plant for sale this day.  She brought along a great poster board display showing all the different plants and their culture.  The plants were well grown and healthy.  Being native plants they tend to not be very showy as far as flowers go but they have a wide range of foliage types and growth habits.  There really are some very interesting native plants and best part is they are hardy!   For more information check out Kim's web site at  
Rich's Lettuce
Rich is a funny guy and he is really passionate about his lettuce.  His nursery is down the hill a ways in Mountain View and he comes to the market every Sunday.  He grows the lettluce in a hydroponics - hybrid type system.  He explained to me that he starts the lettuce seedlings in compost then moves them to his hydroponics system as they mature.  They continue to grow there until they are harvested for the market.  I've got to tell you that his lettuce looked fabulous and tasted great.  Beautiful Tropicana Butter lettuce, Romaine and one other variety whose name escapes me.  By the time I reached his booth he was just about sold out.  Ya gotta be quick!
Kuahiwi Ranch
Clearly, the Volcano market goers are beef eater because by the time I reached Kuahiwi Ranch's booth they were just about sold out for the day.  All that was left was their sign!  Check out their web site at 

A more concerted effort will be made to get here in time for a steak!
Samosas & Spanish Bentos & Curry
Anyone up for vegitarian samosas?  Curry?  Spanish Bentos?
We tried the samosas.  Very tasty, indeed.  
Vetmed Hawaii
Marta Lepes, DVM, comes to the market offering discounted pet medication as for flea prevention 
and the like.  It's important to keep your companions in good health.
Give her a call if you have questions at (808)895-4631.
Debbie's Booth
There were some fun things to be found at Debbie's booth.  Not the least of which were nutmeg seeds.  
I have never seen them before and they are really quite creepy looking (3rd from the left).  But she also had some really nice looking ice cream beans, waxy apples, guava, calamansi and varigated bloom lemons.  People don't appreciate guavas like in the old days.  They are super high in vitamin C and quite tastly.  Debbie also makes jams and jellies from her produce.
Debbie's bananas
Debbie's calamansi limes & varigated blood lemons
Debbie's fresh nutmeg
Debbie's guavas
Debbie's jams and fresh mint
Debbie's table
Debbie's wax apple