Hawaii's Farmers Markets

More farmers market visits on the way.  
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Elemental Plants
I have known Michael Gibson for a long time and one thing I have always admired about him is that his plants always look in top shape.  Much care is taken to bring only the best.  This day he had a very nice 
assortment of citrus, mature landscape plants like vireya, croton, ti, hibiscus, mature herbs like lavender and rosemary and a healthy mix of tropical friut trees including breadfruit and avocado.  
If you'd like more information contact Michael at (808) 775-9198.

Nestled below the picturesque hills of Kamuela you will find Waimea Town Farmers Market at Parker School.  Here you'll find a grassy clearing transformed and made charming and inviting.  Uniform white tents are placed around the circumference leaving the center open for picnic benches and strolling.  The aroma of fresh, hot coffee and freshly baked breads and pastries fills the air.  The atmosphere is subdued and restful.  Gentle music is playing softly in the background so as not to intrude.  Market goers stop to chat with friends and neighbors and some have their four legged friends along and everyone is having a lovely time.  No rushing, no pressure.

Waimea Town
Farmers Market
at Parker School

open Saturdays 8a.m. - 12 noon
​Poppas Orchids
George grows his orchids on the Hilo side of the island and brings them every Saturday to the Waimea Town Farmers Market.  He has a wonderful assortment of potted orchids as well as cut orchid sprays for arrangements.  Bright and cheerful dendrobiums, stunning cattleya, colorful and mixed types of oncidium intergenera and eye catching vandas just to name a few.
You can check out his web site and contact him for more info at www.poppasorchids.com
Ahualoa Farms
You can get all your macnut and coffee fixes at one stop here.  Chocolate covered macnuts, chili spiced macnuts, vanilla ginger and coconut curry covered macnuts just to name a few.  Wow!  Coffee beans are available in whole bean, half or one pound and ground as well.  Check out their web site at www.maunakeagold.com for a full list of their products.
​Hawaiian B natural Farms
Specializing in red ripe tomatoes and bell peppers Hawaiian B Natural Farms offered a tasty selection to choose from.  Fresh or dried.  You can't go wrong with grown fresh in Hawaii produce like this.
Ohana Pies
Martha and her family are relatively recent transplants to the islands and wanted to try out their baking talents with our local tropical fruits.  I'm here to tell you that they did a fine job and you can be sure that 
we will be stopping by to pick up one of their fabulous and super tasty pies next time we visit this market.
Yum, Yum!  You can reach Marth at (808) 938-4975 for more info about her delicious pies and tarts.

Hawaiian Home Grown Wool Co. & Orchid Isle Fiber Arts
Jan Dean of Hawaiian Home Grown Wool Co. and Josh Black of Orchid Isle Fiber Arts are amazing folk.
​Jan is one of the most facinating people I've had the pleasure to meet in a while and talented beyond description... but I will try.  Jan literally grows her own wool.  She has a fabulous web site all about her flock and how she processes the wool from sheep to sweater.  Awesome!  Check out her web site then visit her at the market!  This day Jan was sharing a booth with Josh who is a talent all of his own creating all manner of beautiful wearable art like berets and scarves and so much more!  
Kekela Farms
I was looking for vegitable vendors and spot Kekela Farms booths. Wow! What a sight.  The vegies 
stacked neatly in display baskets and cartons had all the colors of a box of crayola crayons. Kekela Farms offers a unique shopping experience.  In an orderly manner you start at one end of their booth, with shopping basket in hand (they provide), choose what you want and proceed to a check out person at the other end. All very efficient. I imagine if you forgot to pick up something you'd have to go through the loop again as there is no going back.  I watched for 15 minutes and there was a steady stream of shoppers the whole time. It was quite a challenge to get in to take pictures as I would get caught up in the fast moving flow of customers.  Display bins were constantly being replenished with more fresh and gorgeous produce. Check out their web site at  www.kekelafarms.com.  
​Sandwich Isle Bread Co.
Okay, I'm a sucker for good cheese and bread.  All you have to do is show me a picture and I'm sold.  
But, seeing is only believing.  I require confirmation!  We bought a small sampling of the amazing variety 
of good stuff offered- french bread, rhubarb & strawberry turnovers, coissants and olive & herb bread.  Confirmation was successfully completed but I highly recommend that you don't take my word for it and try it yourself.  Sandwich Isle Bread Co. brings their own oven to cook up goodies right before your eyes.  The aroma is a knockout.  Needless to say none of the items purchased made it home to Hilo.  
What can I say?  It's a long drive....
​Check out their web site at www.sandwichislebread.com
True Hawaii Blue
Jamie is a genius at fun and purposeful apron design.  You can tell from the photos below that she really enjoys what she does.  Most ladies and some gentlemen use aprons for a variety of chores and Jamie has something for all of them, kids, too.  Who says you can't be stylen' while you're doing your work?  Check out her web site at www.truehawaiiblue.com